Cannabis in Europe: Highlights from the EMCDDA report

Cannabis in Europe: Highlights from the EMCDDA report

In June 2024, the European Monitoring Center for Drugs (EMCDDA) published its annual report. Let's go through it and highlight the main theses about the marijuana flows in Europe.

Marijuana consumption

  • Marijuana remains the most demanded drug in the EU: in 2023, 8% of Europeans (23 mln people) consumed it.
  • Almost 3/4 of them are under 35 years old (15 mln people).
  • 1% of all people in Europe smoke weed every day, or almost every day (around 4 mln people).
  • Cannabis consumers use it in different forms: last year, 95% of them consumed cannabis flower, more than 30% consumed resin, 25% consumed edibles and almost 20% consumed extracts.

State regulation of marijuana flows

New states are moving towards cannabis legalization: in 2024, Germany allowed growing of marijuana for personal purposes and recreational consumption; the Czech Republic has announced plans to do the same; and Switzerland launched pilot projects of recreational marijuana distribution in some of its cities.

Adults are still allowed to consume cannabis legally in Barcelona cannabis clubs and in Amsterdam coffee shops.

Weed market in Europe

using cannabis in Europe
Percentage of people aged 15-64 who have used cannabis in 2023
  • The average retail price for herbal cannabis is €8 per gram, and for resin is €11 per gram.
  • European countries with the highest cannabis consumption are Italy, Spain, France, Czech Republic, Netherlands, and Croatia.
  • Spain reported 56% fewer seizures of cannabis in 2023. Researchers attribute this to the strict anti-traffic policies. If earlier up to 80% of marijuana and hashish from Africa was supplied to Europe through Spain, now the routes have been changed, according to the authors of the report. However, they do not specify the new routes.

We are happy to remind you that Spanish cannabis clubs still have the most affordable and high-quality legal marijuana in Europe.

Data source: European drug report

Publication Date: 01.07.2024